Web Applications

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a website that does something. It can be a Store Front, Inventory Tracking, Driver Routing, Membership and Dues Accounting, or anything other task you do in your business. If you are doing a task using Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to keep track of items, people or payments then a web application is right for you.


Benefits of a Web Application

   Web Applications are hosted on the internet so they can be access by anyone you want to allow to use it anywhere they are, the office, at a customer's site, on the road, from home.
   As a business owner you can access your company's information and run reports from anywhere at any time.
   No longer do you need to install a copy of business software on everyone's computer.
   No longer will you need to worry that everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office on every computer, a web application runs through any web browser on any computer, Apple computers or Window PCs
   No longer will you need to worry about backing-up your database. Backing-up your data is one of the services provided by a web application host.


Below is a description of several web applications the Data Chauffeur has created and screen shots of what they look like.


Measure 2 Manage

Measure 2 Manage is a cloud based application that allows your managers to track, resolve and review personal performance issues. Measure 2 Manage is CARF accredited and offers structured step by step complaint management processing.


Complaint Entry
Customizable Data Entry
Pareto Charts


Meal Rating System

The Meal rating system is designed for smart phones, it allows the users from all versions of smart phones, tablets and PC's to rate meals and view the average worldwide rating. All this from a single cloud based application.


View Your Meals
View by Date
Rate Meals


Job Scheduling

The Job Scheduling web application assigns jobs to drivers on the road. A job is added by a call center or by a customer from a website. The new jobs show up in the New Job column and the dispatcher assigns the job by dragging and dropping the job into the drivers schedule. The mileage between the jobs is automatically calculated and displayed in the job box. A dispatcher can rearrange jobs to optimize the distance to be travelled. When the job has been completed it can be moved into the Done Jobs column or dropped into the Close Job box. Whether the job is marked as Done or Closed the user is requested to enter an invoice number and a dollar amount.


New Job Entry Screen
Job Scheduler Screen
Job History Screen



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