Mobile Device Applications

When designing software applications for mobile devices the first question that needs to addressed is, will the application need to use the hardware resources from the mobile device such as GPS or Motion Sensors? If not then a web-based phone app may be the best solution. A web-based app will run on all brands of smart phones and on all versions of those brands. The same software that runs on the smart phones will also run on tablets, laptops, PCs and Macs. If your application requires hardware resources from the mobile device then a different version of the software must be written for each brand of smart phone.


Below is a description of several smart phone applications the Data Chauffeur has created and screen shots of what they look like.



Meal Rating System

The Meal rating system is designed for smart phones, it allows the users from all versions of smart phones, tablets and PC's to rate meals and view the average worldwide rating. All this from a single cloud based application.


View Your Meals
View by Date
Rate Meals


Mobile Inventory

This mobile app keeps track of inventory levels on trucks and warehouses. It creates a shopping list of what is needed to resupply your inventory stock that can be emailed or faxed directly to your supplier.


Login and Work
Manage Inventory
Transfer Inventory


Clock IT

Your service vehicles are out and about on the road and your employees need to be able to punch-in, punch-out, log miles and expenses as they travel job to job. Clock IT allows all your employees to do this in real time so you can see what is happening from your headquarters or from any place that has internet access.


Clock-in or Clock-out
Manage Payroll Data
Configure to your needs



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